Web Application for DealBinder

DealBinder is startup based in New York City, focusing on the commercial real estate market. Their app helps law firms and banks perform due diligence on large commercial real estate transactions, much like a credit check prior to a home loan.

For DealBinder, I built a web application that allows for ordering and review of background checks in a clean dashboard, along with document management, streaming updates, and much more.

Technologies used: Angular, Node.js, Salesforce, Firebase, Socket.io, Google Cloud

Mobile Apps and API for Springer Publishing Company

Springer Publishing Company is a leading healthcare publisher. They produce books, journals, and apps for medical professionals and universities.

My first project with Springer Publishing was focused on their iOS apps, and involved changing the backend for ten different apps from Parse to Firebase. This was a time sensitive project, as the apps were already live and saving data to Parse, and Parse was being shut down by Facebook. We were able to get all the apps converted in time, with no data loss and without any interruption to users.

The second project involved building an API that facilitated access to Springer Publishing's eBooks on various digital content providers like Springer Connect, VitalSource, and Redshelf. This project continues to grow, and the API will likely be used by their main corporate website to offer access to their eBooks.

Technologies used: Javascript & Typescript, Ionic, Node.js, Firebase, Google Cloud

Security and Web Development for Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health is a leading payment processor for the health care industry, serving thousands of doctors, dentists, and hospitals. Their applications process credit card payments and integrate with all existing health information systems.

Alongside other engineers at the consulting firm End Point, I worked with Rectangle Health on a few key projects. I helped them migrate their applications to a more secure protocol (TLS 1.2), a critical update that ensured continued secure payment processing for their customers.

I also worked on a new version of their flagship product, building the API which performed payment authorizations, refunds, and transactional searches for reporting.

Technologies used: C# .NET, PHP, Symfony

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